LEDI Commends Ebola Fighters, Provides Monetary Assistance

Cleveland, Ohio-August 31, 2015 – The United States-based Liberia Economic Development Initiative (LEDI) has concluded providing monetary assistance to several medical institutions in Liberia in appreciation of the beneficiaries’ heroic fight against and defeat of the Ebola virus.

Organizations that benefited from the LEDI medical assistance delivered in late July 2015 include the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Samaritan Purse, Redemption Hospital, and James Davis Hospitals. Others are Jaw Community Clinic, THT Clinic, Star of the Sea, Barnersville Clinic, among others.

LEDI is a Cleveland, Ohio based nonprofit organization seeking to reduce poverty and change lives in Liberia. The primary objective of the organization is to build modern state-of-the-art public libraries across Liberia to improve the educational sector as well as the general economy indicating that an educated workforce is a basis of a sound economy.

LEDI is also currently providing scholarships through its Leann Peiffer scholarship program to impoverished students within the country. The organization is undertaking a holistic approach to reduce poverty in the country by focusing on building and supplying healthcare facilities, supporting small businesses, building and supplies schools, as well as building modern libraries across Liberia.

In delivering the funds, the LEDI Liberian staffers commended the Liberian medical organizations for their various outstanding works during the Ebola crisis. They described the clinics and hospitals as true heroes and encouraged them to remain defensive and protective of the Liberian populace who are always vulnerable to medical challenges.

In response, the organizations commended LEDI and its donors for recognizing their medical works in Liberia and for the cash donations provided. The administrators of the medical institutions that received the monetary assistance thanked LEDI and collaborating donor institutions for standing with the Liberian people in their time of need. They said such compassionate assistance from organizations within the “US is an indication that we are our brothers and sisters keepers, despite where we live.”

“We are appreciative of this contribution from LEDI and those who contributed to it,” said Proprietor of the Jaw Community Clinic. “We see this as relieving and particularly patriotic because thinking about us in this corner is an indication for love of country.”

Speaking to reporters upon receipt of the report of the full implementation of the LEDI Medical Mission, Mr. Rufus Darkortey, President of LEDI, said the donations were in partnership with many USA based organizations, including the Cleveland State University (CSU), the Margaret Wong and Associates Law firm, among others. He said the organizations are delighted to stand by the people of Liberia in the fight to eradicate the deadly Ebola disease from Liberia.

According to his official newsletter to the CSU community, Dr. Ronald Berkman, President of CSU, said even from 5,000 miles away, we can help. He therefore brought the CSU community together to aid institutions and individuals in the country who were facing the deadly Ebola virus.

Mr. Rufus Darkortey indicated that every Liberian felt the impact of the deadly Ebola virus, irrespective of their geographical location at the moment. “This created a dire desire to do something to save lives in the country. That is why LEDI galvanized the financial resources from the United States to help the vital medical institutions that supported the Ebola fight,” he said.

“Though the organization is based in the United States, its primary focus is to help reduce poverty and change lives in Liberia,” he said. He concluded by thanking the CSU, Margaret Wong and Associates, the Board of Directors, staff, and donors of LEDI, and other institutions for raising the needed funds for the medical institutions here in Liberia.

The LEDI leader also thanked the people of Liberia and the stakeholders, including the government, local and international organizations for helping to eradicate the virus from the country.