Isaac Zawolo General Resource Associate

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Isaac Zawolo brings strong administrative and professional leadership to LEDI. He continues to show very strong and demonstrated desires to help bring positive transformative development and changes to Liberia.

Isaac has held many leadership positions of influence within both Liberian and non-Liberian organizations. He is a former Secretary and former Presidential aspirant of ULAA. Given is technical credentials, he has also served in leadership capacities of other technically motivated organizations.

Isaac has a combined 30 years of professional teaching experience both in Liberia and the United States. He is teacher at the Arlington Public Schools and an Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at Montgomery College in Maryland, United States. He holds a BSc and MSc,in Civil Engineeringfrom the Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture, a BSc. In Mathematics from the University of Liberia and another Masters in Mass Education

Dennis Jah -Gen. Resource Consultant

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Dennis Jah brought strong leadership to LEDI. He is very knowledgeable of Liberian issues and has great understanding of poverty re-duction in Liberia. He is a major contributor to Liberian online magazines, listserves and social networking sites, discussing Liberian is-sues.

He currently works as an Integration Project Manager -managing interoperability projects for a major Health IT vendor. He is also the Executive Director of the Jubilee Community Initiatives.

He is an author, political commentator, and a blogger at and http:// He holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Networking and graduate degree in Healthcare Informatics.

Cllr. Cyrus Tarpeh -Director of Infrastructure Dev


Cyrus Washington Tarpeh brings a wealth of professional experience to LEDI in the areas of macro and micro economic under-standing, analyses, and leadership. Prior to joining LEDI, he served as a Senior Analyst in the Development Finance and Foreign Ex-change Departments respectively with the National Bank of Liberia, now the Central Bank of Liberia. He also brings awealth of legal knowledge as he spearheads the Infrastructural Development aspect of LEDI.

Cyrus is very knowledgeable of the issues that effect infrastructural development and economic empowerment in poor countries,especially the Republic of Liberia where he hails.

He holds a Master’s degree in Development Bank, and a LLB in Law. Presently, he works as a legal consultant in the Minneapolis area, State of Minnesota.


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