Infrastructure Development Initiative

LEDI believes that Liberia’s economic development can be put on the fast track of success by investments in key infrastructural development projects including, schools,libraries, water filtration facilities, hand pumps and wells, public sanitation facilities and latrines,clinics, roads, bridges, electric grids and solar paneling and other vital infrastructure.

Why Infrastructure Underdevelopment Exist in Liberia

The Liberian Civil War decimated all vital infrastructure within the country. Post-conflict Liberia lies in ruins, a mere empty shell of what once was. Liberia continues to face high unemployment and illiteracy, poor healthcare systems, and the absence of basic infrastructure – roads, water, sewage, and electrical services. Given these obstacles, it is difficult, if not impossible, to rely on one institution to develop the country.

Infrastructural development fosters all facets of economic growth, including trade and business development, technology, and service delivery. Unfortunately, Liberia is lacking in all areas of key infrastructural development throughout the country. The roads are deplorable, and in some places, nonexistent; schools and healthcare centers are dated and lack modern equipment; sanitation infrastructure is non-existent and access to clean water is limited, modern libraries are nonexistent; and Liberians pay extremely high fees for imported staple foods and basic services, including power. Due to the vast underdevelopments, most Liberians pay a high costs for most goods and services and have difficulties traveling around the country to conduct various economic and social activities. Additionally, people who reside in more remote areas of the country lack access to the limited infrastructure that exist in more developed urban areas and encounter extreme hardship.

Our Solution

LEDI seeks to unite private Liberians citizens, friends of Liberia, governments and nongovernmental institutions of the world, to promote the infrastructural development of Liberia in the following ways:

  • Build and support modern libraries around the country.

  • Build and sustain existing schools and clinics.

  • Build and sustain existing hand pumps, wells and water filtration facilities.

  • Build and sustain sewage systems and latrines and restrooms.

  • Build and sustain solar panel and electric facilities.

  • Promote clean water efforts.

  • Build and sustain modern bus stops.

  • Build and sustain existing roads and bridges.

We are therefore inviting you to support LEDI in its efforts to economically empower poor Liberians to overcome poverty through our scholarship and educational initiative.


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