This is not just our motto, it is the heart of our mission. Whether we are empowering youth, providing small business loans, promoting health and safety, building infrastructure, or alleviating the sufferings of rural and urban poor and low income household, our central focus remains to reduce poverty, thereby positively changing the lives of members of the nearly two-third Liberian population living below the poverty line.


The Liberia Economic Development Initiative (LEDI) is a Cleveland, Ohio based 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profit with an international focus. It is a non-political, and non-governmental organization founded in October 2007 to reduce poverty and increase the economic capacity of the often marginalized and disadvantaged people of the world with specific focus on Liberia, West Africa. LEDI’s primary objectives are to reduce poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, diseases, and underdevelopment in Liberia through a comprehensive approach by providing:

  1. Education: Scholarships, school supplies, teacher stipends
  2. Youth Development: Leadership development and sports training camps
  3. Healthcare: Medical supplies, patient and healthcare workers subsidies
  4. Infrastructure: Build modern libraries, schools, clinics, wells, latrines, roads
  5. Microfinance: Microloans, business development, and training
  6. Sisterly Institutions: Develop sisterly relationships among institutions


The mission of LEDI is to significantly reduce poverty and change the lives of poor, disadvantaged, and marginalized people around the world with specific focus in Liberia.


LEDIs vision is to establish and promote meaningful social, economic development, and empowerment initiatives for poor, disadvantaged, and marginalized people in Liberia.


Our primary objective is to economically empower the poor and marginalized people of the world, especially in Liberia so that they can live a dignified life. We will achieve our objectives through micro-financing and business literacy programs; scholarships and educational support; adult and youth leadership and development training; build and develop vital social services infrastructure (including libraries, schools, clinics, roads, bridges, wells, and latrines throughout the country); promote health and wellness; and forge sisterly relationships between Liberian institutions and others throughout the world.


LEDI will accomplish its goals through fundraising and volunteer services efforts which will provide the vital resources to administer LEDI”s various programs and initiatives.


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